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Clinton: ‘I’ll Be There’ For ‘GMA’ Debate

Despite allegations that the DNC was trying to limit Clinton’s appearances at debates, the candidate seems perfectly willing to take the stage with her opponent anywhere, anytime.

She has agreed to appear at a debate on the ABC morning show shortly before the New York primary.

“[ABC] offered a debate during ‘GMA’ on Friday the 15th, I’ll be there. I think it’s a great opportunity to reach an audience that may not always be able because of other obligations to tune in to debates,” she said on the network.

“I understand that there is a debate in the works for the night of the 14th. I want to be there. I’m confident we can work out a time to do that,” she added.

The Hill reports: 

ABC News on Monday reported that Bernie Sanders has not yet accepted its invitation for next week’s contest on “Good Morning America.”

Sanders on Sunday voiced optimism that such an event is possible, however.

“I suspect it will work out,” he said on ABC’s “This Week.”

The Clinton and Sanders campaigns have publicly feuded over the date for another potential debate before New York’s Democratic presidential primary on April 19.

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