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On Trail, Melania Trump Says Her Husband Will Treat Everyone Equally

Donald Trump’s wife Melania spoke at campaign events on Monday, saying that her husband will treat everyone the same way (really badly?).

“No matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal. He’s a fighter and if you elect him to be your president he will fight for you and for our country,” the former model said.

He’s telling the truth. He will work for you and with you and together we will make America strong and great again,” she added using her husband’s campaign slogan.

The Hill reports:

She was recently embroiled in feud between Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, sparked by an anti-Trump super-PAC ad featuring her posing nude in 2000 for British GQ.

Trump, in turn, retweeted a picture comparing Heidi Cruz and his wife.

Cruz, a Texas Republican senator, has repeatedly denied any connection to the super-PAC and has pushed back, saying “real men don’t attack women.” In a Fox News interview airing Monday night, Cruz accused Trump of having a problem with strong women.

When Fox moderator Sean Hannity asked Melania Trump about the ad during a Monday night town hall, she said: “I have a tough skin. I think it’s not fair that they’re attacking family, wife, or children.”
When asked about advice she would give her husband, she repeated a line about his Twitter habits.
“Sometimes I feel the retweets sometimes get him in trouble,” she said to laughter from the audience. “Stay away from retweets, if he would only listen, but he’s doing great.”
She also suggested he needs to act more presidential, but said, “If somebody attacks him, he will punch back ten times harder.”

At the Monday rally, Melania Trump said: “No matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal.”

When the GOP front-runner took the stage in Wisconsin, he reiterated his call for John Kasich to drop out, saying the Ohio governor takes away more votes from him than Cruz.

“I don’t think he’s a player here,” Trump said, “and you do what Marco [Rubio] did, which was great and you do what Rand Paul did … and you get out.

“But if we have to live with him, we’ll still beat him easily,” he added.

Trump, who leads Cruz by 262 delegates according to The Associated Press delegate tracker, blasted the fact that the Texas senator could end up receiving 10 more delegates from Louisiana, despite Trump winning the state’s primary.

“I don’t care about rules folks. I go out. I campaign. We win. We get the delegates,” Trump said. “But in the meantime, we have millions more votes than Cruz.”

The real estate mogul also predicted he could wrap up the GOP nomination before the Republican convention in Cleveland this summer.

“I think we close it out before the convention,” Trump said. “If we get the delegates, we pull out a knockout. I can see that happening.”

Trump and Cruz are in a tight race for the Badger State. Cruz leads Trump by about 4 points in a RealClearPolitics average. A new poll released Monday found the Texas senator leading by 5 points, closing the gap from a Fox Business survey last week where Cruz led by 10 points.

“We’re here constantly, but we are making so much progress and it’s been so inspiring to see the people,” Trump said about Wisconsin.

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