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Cruz Wins Wisconsin Primary

Ted Cruz has won the Wisconsin primary, a significant victory after the Trump campaign pulled out all of the stops to try to win the state.

“Tonight is a turning point,” Cruz said at his victory rally. “It is a call from the hardworking people of Wisconsin to America. We have a choice. A real choice.”

“Tonight was a bad night for Hillary Clinton. It was a bad night in the Democratic Primary, and it was an even worse night for her in the Republican Primary,” Cruz also said.

The Hill reports:

Cruz’s victory will energize the anti-Trump Republicans, many of whom have pointed to Wisconsin as a potential turning point in the race.
Trump had a bad week leading up to the Tuesday primary. He spent several days backpedaling on a question about abortion and defending his campaign manager, who was charged with battery for allegedly grabbing a reporter.
Trump also spent the last week attacking popular Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who endorsed and campaigned for Cruz. 
Trump’s loss shows he’s vulnerable even in states with open Republican primaries that allow Democrats and independents to vote. Trump has previously thrived in contests with similar rules.
But while Cruz’s Wisconsin victory has made it tougher for Trump to win the nomination outright, the businessman could still make it to the 1,237 delegates needed.
Trump is the heavy favorite to win the next GOP primary, in his home state of New York on April 19. There are 95 delegates up for grabs there, and Trump will be competing to take them all.
Cruz will automatically be awarded 18 of Wisconsin’s 42 delegates by virtue of being the statewide winner. The remaining 24 are apportioned through winner-take-all contests at the congressional district level.
Trump entered Tuesday with 737 delegates, Cruz with 475 and John Kasich with 143, according to The Associated Press.

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