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Huckabee: Democratic Party Has Been ‘Hijacked’ By Far Left

Former Arkansas Governor, Presidential candidate, and 1950s sit-com grumpy neighbor Mike Huckabee says that the Democratic Party has been taken over by pinkos, hippies, and commies. Yet, he’s delighted, because he also hates Hillary Clinton.

“The Democratic Party has been completely hijacked by the far left,” Huckabee said to Tucker Carlson.

“And Bill Clinton, whatever sins you want to say about him, he’s not a real far leftist. He was a pragmatic governor. He was a pragmatic president, and I think that’s why even in all the personal scandals he ended up with a relatively popular legacy,” he said.

The Hill reports:

“Because people recognize that at the end of the day for Bill Clinton, it was about getting things accomplished, moving the ball forward. He was willing to work with Republicans.”

But he said what’s happening now with the Democratic Party is an “irrational kind of political approach.”

“What we’re seeing now is a far left that says we want to tax people 90 percent. We want to raise the minimum wage, kill all those jobs that would have been there,” Huckabee said.

“As a result of that, Hillary is trying to be who she really is, which is an ideological leftist but still has a little common sense and understands how to govern and yet she’s trying to do it in the context of a party that is off the rails.”

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