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Biden: ‘I Would Like To See A Woman Elected’

Vice President Joe Biden might have stumbled into a quasi-endorsement of Hillary Clinton during a conversation about how Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders talks about women’s.

“Look, they’re both totally qualified to be president,” Biden said of Sanders and Clinton. “They both get in a fight, campaigns do this. It’s like saying, you know, ‘She’s dead wrong’ or her saying, ‘He’s dead wrong’ on an issue.”

 “This country is ready for a woman. There’s no problem, we’re going to be able to elect a woman in this country,” Biden said. “I would like to see a woman elected.”

The Hill reports:

Biden, who decided against his own challenge against Clinton last year after months of consideration, noted that he isn’t formally endorsing her with his remarks to Mic.
He and President Obama have vowed not to endorse a candidate in the primary race, though Obama has recently defended Clinton, his former secretary of State, against attacks from the Sanders campaign.

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