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Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio Ripped Over Racial Skit

Hillary Clinton and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio did a “skit” at a press dinner, and like all such things involving politicians should, it failed miserably.

The gag was that Clinton was annoyed that Mayor de Blasio took his time announcing his endorsement.

“I just have to say thanks for the endorsement, Bill. Took you long enough,” Clinton said.

“Sorry, Hillary, I was running on C.P. time,” de Blasio answered, eliciting audible gasps from the crowd.

Hamilton and Person of Interest star Leslie Odom Jr., a black actor onstage at the time said, “I don’t like jokes like that.”

Clinton then appeared to rescue de Blasio by saying he meant “cautious politician time.”

It did not go over well. “C.P. time” is short for “colored people time,” and is based on the stereotype that black people are always late or why a majority black event does not start on time.

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