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Sanders: We Have The Guts To Be Honest With The American People

Senator Bernie Sanders believes honesty is the best policy for his campaign, according to statements he made at a rally in New York on Monday.

“We have got to put an end to that,” Sanders said, referring to racial profiling by police.

“I do not want people, people of color, walking the streets, fearful of what may happen to them. This is America. We can do better than that.”

“This is a campaign, in national poll after national poll, that is defeating Donald Trump by double digits, and the reason that this campaign is doing as well as it is is because we have the guts to be honest with the American people and tell the truth.”

“Whether it is our personal lives or our political life, the truth is not always easy to take. But unless we deal with the reality of America today, we will not have the future we require.”

The Hill reports:

Sanders’s Monday rally came as Clinton sought to keep the focus on his record on guns. Meanwhile, he focused on her Wall Street speeches, vote for the Iraq War and big-money campaign donations.

Sanders ripped Wall Street companies, describing Goldman Sachs as part of a “fraudulent organization.” Later in his speech, during an extended riff against Clinton’s paid speeches on Wall Street, Sanders noted she “gave three speeches [to] Goldman Sachs.”

Sanders also knocked Clinton over her 2002 vote for the Iraq War, which she has since called a mistake, saying, “She voted for that disastrous war.” He then suggested a link between the funding for the war and tax breaks for wealthier Americans with funding for inner cities.

“Brothers and sisters, if we make it to the White House, we are going to change our national priorities. We’re gonna rebuild inner cities,” Sanders said.

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