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Trump: Mexican Drugs ‘Poisoning Our Youth’

Donald Trump spoke at a rally in New York Monday, explaining how he’d get Mexico to pay for his supposedly $10 billion wall. However, he also pivoted to talk about drugs apropos of nothing.

“And that doesn’t include the drugs that are pouring into the country poisoning our youth,” Trump said. “They’re poisoned with this crap.”

“People won’t be driving their pick-up trucks through the wall or over the wall,” he added. “Did you ever see that? The trucks go over, they unload the drugs and then they go back. So we get the drugs and they get the money. Not very good folks. That’s going to all change.”

The Hill reports:

The remarks recalled Trump’s campaign launch speech from June that sparked a firestorm of controversy and provoked several companies to cut ties with his business. At the time, Trump said illegal immigrants are bringing drugs and crime into the country, and warned that some of them are rapists.

Many Republicans are worried Trump is setting back the party’s efforts to reach out to Hispanic voters.

Trump dismissed those concerns on Monday.

“I have great relationships with Mexico and Hispanics,” Trump said. “Thousands of Hispanics work for me. They’re great, great people. They’re going to vote for me.”

He lashed out at former Mexican president Vicente Fox, who has said his country will never pay “for that f—ing wall.”

“We’ve made progress because two years ago he said there’s no way we’re going to build a wall,” Trump said. “Now he says there’s no way we’re going to pay for the wall. Trust me. They’re going to pay for the wall, folks.”

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