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Scarborough: Obama Has ‘Rigged’ FBI Clinton Probe

On Morning Joe former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough expressed outrage at President Obama’s comments to Fox News regarding Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

“[The President] said he wasn’t going to talk to the attorney general about the pending investigation, but he just did, talk about a rigged process,” Scarborough said.

The host was angry that after saying he was not going to comment, he gave his impression of the case.

The Hill reports:

Obama said in an interview broadcast Sunday that Clinton had exercised “carelessness” by using a private storage device while secretary of State.

“I continue to believe that she has not jeopardized national security,” the president added.

Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin said Monday on “Morning Joe” that Obama’s remarks seem at odds with a fair investigation.

“It seemed ill-advised to say, ‘OK, I’ve got no connection to this, but here’s what I know about it and here’s my conclusion,’ ” Halperin said on MSNBC. 

“He should just say, ‘I shouldn’t talk about it,’ ” Halperin added. ” ‘There’s a pending investigation and I should keep myself away from it in every way and leave this to the independence of the Justice Department.’ I don’t know why he went on at such length defending her, because, in theory, he shouldn’t really know the facts of the case.”

Scarborough said Obama’s remarks seemingly contradict the FBI’s actions while investigating Clinton’s server.

“He has drawn the ultimate conclusion, which is, ‘National security has not been jeopardized,’ ” he said.

“That is why the FBI is putting — is it 40, is it 50, is it 60? We’ve heard it’s over 100 — scores of people to investigate this?” Scarborough asked. “This is the verdict first, while at the same time he’s saying, ‘I guarantee that there is going to be a fair investigation.’ ” 

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