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Sanders Predicts ‘Major Victory’ In NY

Senator Bernie Sanders has predicted that he and his campaign will win in New York next week.

Both he and Hillary Clinton have laid claim to New York as their home state, with Clinton living there currently and Sanders having been born in Brooklyn.

“We will win a major victory here in New York next Tuesday,” Sanders said at a rally, not worried about setting too high expectations.

The Hill reports:

Clinton has had double-digit leads over the Vermont senator in most surveys of New York Democrats, including one released Tuesday afternoon.

Still, Sanders touted his polling in a theoretical head-to-head matchup with Republican front-runnerDonald Trump to make his case for the nomination.

“In several election poll matchups, we are beating Trump by 20 points,” Sanders said. “With a larger margin than Secretary Clinton.”

Sanders is a Brooklyn native who is fighting hard for New York’s big delegate haul. In particular, he and Clinton have sparred over her friendliness with Wall Street and big business, which Sanders have said are “destroying the moral fabric of this country.”

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