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Cruz On Rubio For VP: ‘You’d Be A Fool Not To Consider Him’

During a CNN town hall event, Senator Ted Cruz said that any GOP nominee would be foolish not to consider former rival Senator Marco Rubio for a running mate.

“Anyone would naturally look at Marco as a terrific candidate for vice president,” he said. “You’d be a fool not to consider him. He’s very, very talented. I think the world of Marco.”

““He is one of the best communicators in the Republican Party,” Cruz went on, positively gushing because Rubio gave him a half-hearted endorsement. “He ran a campaign that inspired millions of people. It inspired me.”

The Hill reports:

Cruz stopped short of saying Rubio, who ended his own bid for the White House in March, is in the mix for his potential running mate.

“We’re in the process of looking now at a number of different options,” he told host Anderson Cooper. “I think very, very highly of Marco.”

Cruz also said he bears no ill will toward Rubio after they sometimes traded barbs during the Republican primary.

“It’s a campaign,” he said. “He was trying to beat me, I was trying to beat him. That’s what happens in a campaign.”

Rubio praised Cruz earlier on Wednesday, arguing that his former rival remains the only true conservative in the GOP nominating race.

“[He is the] only one that fits that criteria,” he said of Cruz on “Levin TV,” before adding he means candidates “actively campaigning.”

Rubio suspended his own Oval Office bid last month after finishing second in his home state’s GOP presidential primary.

Donald Trump leads Cruz in the GOP nominating race by approximately 7 points nationwide, according to the latest RealClearPolitics average of polls.

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