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Dem Party Chief Wants To Buy Trump A Pacifier

Democratic National Committee Chair and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz took time out of answering complaints that she is a bad party leader to rag on Donald Trump.

“I really want to run down to the drugstore and get Donald Trump a pacifier, because all we hear on the other side is whining about the rules and process and they are going to take something away from me,” she said on CNN.

“I mean, really, the American people — the people who are going to go cast their vote for who they want to be the 45th president — they want to hear about the ideas that each candidate has to make sure we can help them succeed, and that’s what I am confident we we’ll continue to hear from our candidates tonight,” she added.

The statement is ironic, considering a number of Democrats say that she was trying to sway the primary towards Clinton, with few debates on bad days for big viewership.

The Hill reports:

Trump has lashed out for days at the GOP primary process, calling it a “scam” and “disgrace” in an exclusive interview with The Hill. His venting comes after rival Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) won all 34 delegates in Colorado last week. The state has a caucus-type system culminating with a party convention, a process Trump blasted after receiving no delegates.
Democrats have needled Trump before for having a “tantrum,” releasing a video earlier this month showing a dozen examples of the businessman claiming that something was “unfair” before ending the spot with the sound of a waling child.

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