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Sanders: Dem Primary Schedule ‘Distorts Reality’

Bernie Sanders bemoaned his losses in the South, which have large black populations, on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

“I think that having so many Southern states go first kind of distorts reality,” he said.

Since we’ve been out of the South, we’ve been doing pretty well,” Sanders remarked. He also said that he isn’t giving up on the South.

“The day will come when progressives will win in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana,” he said.

The Hill reports:

Sanders opened his fourth appearance on the show referencing GOP contender Ted Cruz‘s barbs against rival Donald Trump‘s “New York values” of donating in the past to Democrats.

“Guess what, Ted Cruz? I have New York values,” Sanders responded, mentioning issues such as raising the minimum wage that he’s focused on while campaigning in the state.

He also took a shot at Trump himself.

“Mr. Trump, you wouldn’t know New York values if they were written in 50-foot gold letters on the side of the Empire State Building,” Sanders said.

“New York values are the Statute of Liberty, not a wall between us and Mexico,” he continued.

“The truth is, New York values are American values, there are no difference,” Sanders said, dropping his mic on the stage.

The candidates are campaigning in New York ahead of its primary Tuesday.

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