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Kerry Condemns Jerusalem Bus Bombing

Secretary of State John Kerry expressed outrage and sorrow about the terrorist attack in Jerusalem Monday, in which a bus was bombed, at a reception for the pro-Israeli group J Street.

“Our thoughts tonight are with the 21 innocent men and women and their families,” Kerry said.

“This certainly bears all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms,” Kerry continued.
“These outrages are solely determine to instill fear … they will never succeed in intimidating the Israeli people,” he said.

The Hill reports:

After at least 21 people were injured in a bomb blast in Jerusalem earlier in the day, according to a police spokesman. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat confirmed that the blast was a terrorist attack.
“What this tragedy also does is it also underscores the importance of ending this conflict,” Kerry said in his remarks to the progressive pro-Israel group. 
Kerry delivered his remarks shortly before Vice President Joe Biden addressed the group.

Earlier in the evening, Democratic presidential candidate and former secretary of State Hillary Clinton released a statement condemning the attack.

​”This attack comes in the midst of a wave of violence that has rocked Israel for months. Israelis have been living in fear of going about their daily lives — going to the store, to the boardwalk, riding the bus. All of us, including Palestinian leaders, must condemn such violence,” Clinton said.

“I will always stand with Israel’s right and ability to defend itself — it’s security is non-negotiable. Israel must continue to know that it has no greater friend than the United States.”

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