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Sanders Draws Sharp Contrasts To Clinton Night Before NY Primary

With less than one day to go before the New York primary, Senator Bernie Sanders did his best to draw distinctions between himself and Hillary Clinton, specifically about her ties to Wall Street which include paid speaking engagements.

“My cellphone remains on and I’m awaiting that call from Wall Street because I would like the opportunity to explain to Wall Street the horrible things that they have done to the American people,” Sanders said at a rally in New York.

“I have challenged Sec. Clinton over and over again — does she support raising the cap and expanding Social Security benefits for the elderly and disabled,” Sanders said. “I still have not gotten a clear answer from her.”

The Hill reports:

The Vermont senator also condemned “corporate greed,” using Verizon as an example. Employees represented by Communications Workers of America are currently on strike as they seek to negotiate a contract with Verizon that will limit outsourcing call center jobs and cutting worker benefits.

“Verizon is just the poster child for what corporate America is doing to working families today,” Sanders said. “I say to corporate America: get nervous if Bernie Sanders is elected president.” 

“Corporate America will not continue to cut wages and benefits of their workers,” he continued. “They will become good corporate citizens whether they like it or not.”

Clinton is still expected to win the Empire State with polls showing a double-digit lead, but Sanders is coming off a winning streak where he’s won eight of the past nine contests.

Both candidates have ties to New York: Sanders grew up in Brooklyn and Clinton served as U.S. senator.

“It is an enormously important primary because there are a lot of delegates at stake,” Sanders said. “Tomorrow, New York state can help take this country a giant step forward toward the political revolution.”


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