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Trump: We’re Going To Win On The First Ballot

Donald Trump is trying to calm concerns that he will be at the heart of a brutal convention fight that could wrench apart the Republican Party. He says he will win the nomination on the first ballot.

“We’re going to get there and I believe we’re going to do it much more easily than people think and we’re going to do it on the first ballot,” he said Monday in New York.

“We’re going to get to that big 1,237.”

“We’re going to beat crooked Hillary so badly that your heads will spin,” he said, using the new nickname he coined for Clinton.

The Hill reports:

But Trump continued his attacks against the primary system on Monday, calling it rigged and saying it isn’t meant for someone like him who’s “not taking any money from these special interests.” 

“You could take them out to hotels, the delegates, you could take them on planes, you could do whatever you want to do, you know what? I said? ‘No way, because we’re going to get there. We don’t need it. We’re going to get there.'”

He also added that the primary process is worse on the Republican side than it is on the Democratic side.

“In the case of the Democrats, they have superdelegates,” he said.

“In our case, it’s worse because it’s more sinister. It’s harder to see, but its actually more devious and it’s worse.”

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