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Cruz Finishes Last in New York as ‘Values’ Line Backfires

Ted Cruz learned a harsh reality on Tuesday after New York voters rejected him and his “New York values” comments.

The Hill reports:

Cruz, who may end up getting zero delegates from New York state, was not helped by his attacks on “New York values.”

The New York values line — first delivered in January as a critique of Manhattan’s liberal culture — played well among evangelicals in Iowa but came back to bite Cruz when he had to face Empire State voters.

Cruz drew loud protests as he campaigned in the Bronx and tried to reframe the comment as an attack on New York Democrats. But returns from Tuesday show no evidence he made inroads with voters.

Trump is on track to win more than 50 percent of the New York vote statewide and could come close to winning all 95 delegates there.

Photo credit: Raw Story.

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