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Sanders Expresses ‘Concern’ Over NY Voting Laws After Primary Defeat

Bernie Sanders delivered a quick speech following New York’s primary, where he proceeded to express his concern over the state’s voter laws and coincidental mishaps.

“While I congratulate Secretary Clinton, I must say that I am really concerned about the conduct of the voting process in New York state, and I hope that that process will change in the future,” Sanders told reporters in Burlington, Vt., according to the Burlington Free Press.

“I remain also concerned that in a state as large as New York, almost 30 percent of the eligible voters, some 3 million New Yorkers, were unable to vote today because they had registered as independents, not Democrats or Republicans, and that makes no sense,” he added.

“No we think we have a message that is resonating throughout this country. We have come a long, long way. We have taken on the entire Democratic political establishment. We have won many, many state primaries and caucuses.”

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