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Trump Tells Indiana: I’ll Bring Back Your Manufacturing Jobs

Donald Trump loves making promises that he cannot possibly keep. On Wednesday, he told supporters in Indiana that he would bring back manufacturing jobs to the state if they vote for him.

“If I were president, Carrier would not be leaving Indiana. That I can tell you,” Trump said during a rally in Indianapolis, his first in the state.

“Do you like the idea of taxing the hell out of their air conditioners?” Trump asked the crowd, adding, “you’re going to pay a damn tax when you leave this country.”

The Hill reports:

Trump in his stump speeches has often mentioned Carrier air conditioning and its recent relocation of thousands of jobs to Mexico, but the issue hits home in Indiana, which is the leading manufacturing state in the country. Carrier’s Indianapolis plant announced in February it would close and outsource 1,400 jobs over the next three years.

Indiana is another crucial state for the businessman as he seeks to reach the 1,237 delegates necessary to clinch the GOP nomination. The state votes May 3, with 57 delegates up for grabs.

In a nearly hour long speech repeatedly interrupted by protestors, Trump told the crowd their vote would be the “most important vote they would ever cast.”

“Once you cast that vote, our country will start winning again,” Trump said.

Trump also met with Wednesday with Republican Gov. Mike Pence, the Indianapolis Star reports.

“You have a governor, Governor Pence, who’s really fighting hard for you,” Trump said at the rally. Pence, who has said he might endorse a candidate before the primary, is also expected to meet with Ted Cruz Thursday and John Kasich next week.

Trump’s appearance comes after a dominating win in his home state of New York on Tuesday, where he picked up 89 delegates and shut out Cruz. Kasich grabbed four delegates.

Photo credit: Indy Star.

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