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Clinton Camp Predicts Big Wins Tuesday

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is expecting a massive wins in five East Coast primaries on April 26.

John Podesta discussed the upcoming primaries in a recent radio segment.

“He’s got to win, and he’s got to win big, and we don’t think he can do that,” Podesta said to radio host John Catsimatidis in an interview Sunday. “So we’re looking forward to that.

“I think we’re in very good shape to have her be the first woman nominee to a major party ticket in this country,” Podesta added. “I think we can have a really, really good day next Tuesday.”

The Hill reports:

Five states vote Tuesday: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Polls show Clinton leading in all, and the states that offer the most delegates Tuesday are those in which she has the biggest leads.

In Maryland, which offers 118 delegates, Clinton carries a 22-point lead over Sanders, according to a RealClearPolitics average of polls. And in Pennsylvania, which has 210 delegates up for grabs, Clinton has a 16-point lead on average.

Clinton still leads Sanders in the overall pledged delegate count 1,428 to 1,153, according to The Associated Press delegate tracker.

When superdelegates are factored in, Clinton’s lead balloons to 1,941 to Sanders’s 1,191. Democrats need 2,383 delegates to win the party’s nomination.

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