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Cruz Considering Fiorina for Vp

Ted Cruz is looking for a potential VP, and according to Cruz himself, he may consider former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

“Any responsible future leader of the free world has to be looking at having a potential successor in a vice president,” he said.

“He is vetting a number of solid candidates, and certainly Ms. Fiorina is absolutely one of them. She’s one of the most talented business leaders of modern time and she’s been a great supporter.”

The Hill reports:

Fiorina’s bid for the White House was defined by her dogged criticism of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, which came from the unique perspective of her being the only other female in the race. Many of her debate answers pivoted back to attacks on Clinton, whom she repeatedly criticized for her use of a private email server.

Fiorina could give Cruz a potent messenger to attack the likely Democratic nominee, assuming the Texas senator is able to upset Donald Trump at a contested Republican National Convention in July. And he likely hopes she’ll be able to help woo female voters away from Clinton and to the Republican ticket.

But Fiorina had limited success in the Republican primary battle, bowing out after a poor showing in New Hampshire, where she finished a distant seventh place despite putting a great deal of her resources into the state.

Photo credit: CBS News.

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