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White House to Roll out $100 Million Free Community College Plan

The White House is set to launch a new $100 million program that will provide tuition-free community college to colleges across the country.

The plan was set to be announced by Vice President Joe Biden on Monday.

The Hill reports:

The program offers $100 million in grants designed to create and expand “partnerships between community colleges and other training providers, employers, and the public workforce system to create more dynamic, tuition-free education and training programs for in-demand middle and high-skilled jobs across the country,” according to the White House.

These grants will administered through the Department of Labor and funded by H1-B visa application fees, or work permits awarded to skilled foreign workers. The program is intended to spur collaboration between colleges, the private sector and local organizations together give Americans access to free education and career training for in-demand jobs.

President Obama announced a White House push for two free years of community college in his 2015 State of the Union address, and the idea has become popular among Democrats who say the rising costs of post-secondary education hamper the country’s economic growth.

Both Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders support free community college in some form.

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