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Sanders Laughs off Suggestion He’s Hurting the Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders laughed off criticism that he is hurting the Democratic Party on Tuesday.

“A lot of people, especially in the [Hillary] Clinton campaign, say that you’re hurting the party and you’re hurting her chances” in the general election, co-host Mika Brzezinski said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“I’m hurting the party?” Sanders said with a laugh.

The Hill reports:

Sanders cited a poll from Harvard this week that found he has high a favorability rating among younger voters and argued he is attracting “millions” of people into the Democratic Party.

“So I don’t think we’re hurting the party,” Sanders continued.

“I think a vigorous debate on the important issues facing the American people is not only exactly what democracy is supposed to be about, at the end of the day, it creates more political interest, it drives up voter turnout, and when voter turnout is high progressives and Democrats win elections,” he added.

Clinton has increasingly highlighted how she dropped out and backed Barack Obama in 2008 after realizing she couldn’t secure the Democratic nomination, putting pressure on Sanders.

She holds a big delegate lead over Sanders and is favored in polling in several states holding contests on Tuesday.

Despite her lead, Sanders on Tuesday dismissed the idea that Clinton is on the verge of clinching the nomination.

“I do not accept that there is no path for us. Let’s not count our chickens before they’re hatched,” Sanders said, noting that a handful of states will hold voting on Tuesday as well as other states in the coming weeks.

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