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Poll: Most Americans Disapprove of ObamaCare

A new national poll by Pew Research Center has found that 44 percent of Americans do not like the Affordable Care Act.

The Hill reports:

The disapproval rating has gone up since the Supreme Court’s ruling last July upholding a section of the law that allows the federal government to provide insurance subsidies through federal exchanges.
After the ruling, 48 percent approved and 49 percent disapproved of the law.

According to the poll, 44 percent of respondents say that law has had a mostly negative impact on the country, while 39 percent say it has been mostly positive. About 13 percent say the law has not had much of an effect on the country.

In December 2013, far more people saw the law as negative for the country: At the time, 49 percent saw its impact as largely negative while just 23 percent said it had a positive effect on the country.

The percentage of Democrats and Independents who think the law has had a positive impact on the country has risen, according to the poll. About 66 percent of Democrats said the law has had a positive impact on the nation, compared to just 42 percent in 2013.

There has been little shift in Republicans’ views about ObamaCare’s impact, with just 10 percent saying the law has had a positive effect, little changed since 2013.

The survey was conducted from April 12-19 among 2,008 adults and has an overall margin of error of 2.5 percentage points.

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