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Trump Wins Every County in ‘Acela Primaries’

During Tuesday’s primaries, Donald Trump won every county in the five Northeastern states, helping him gobble up a swath of delegates and mathematically eliminating Ted Cruz.

The Hill reports:

Trump won each county in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island, including Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County, where rival John Kasich was born.

Trump also won every congressional district in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware to pick up more delegates. He won all but six districts in Connecticut and one in Rhode Island, which Kasich took.

The decisive win moved Trump closer to the GOP presidential nomination, which requires a candidate to win 1,237 delegates nationally.

Trump now has 949 pledged delegates, compared to 544 for Cruz and 153 for Kasich, according to The Associated Press delegate tracker. Trump has one unbound delegate and Cruz has 16.

Cruz is eyeing a win in Indiana next week to deny Trump delegates needed to lock up the nomination before the Republican National Convention in July with the hope of forcing multiple rounds of balloting.

Photo credit: Scoop Nest.

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