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McCain Fundraiser Faces Felony Drug Charges in Arizona

Campaign fundraiser Emily Pitha for Sen. John McCain has been arrested after she was linked to a meth lab.

“We commend the hard work and dedication of our law enforcement officers in their fight to keep our community safe from illegal drugs and associated criminal activity,” McCain spokesman Ryan O’Daniel said in a statement after the incident.

“The campaign immediately terminated any relationship with Ms. Pitha upon learning of her alleged involvement in the operation.”

The Hill reports:

Pitha was taken into custody on felony drug charges, including manufacturing of narcotic drugs, possession of dangerous and narcotic drugs, and transportation of dangerous drugs, possession of drug lab equipment, and possession of marijuana. She also faces charges of child endangerment, as two children were living at the home.

“Most of the LSD and the methamphetamine and cocaine was easily available and able to get grabbed by these children,” Sheriff’s Detective Doug Matteson told KPNX.

Among the drugs found at the home were a quarter pound of meth, several grams of heroin, about 50 milliliters of liquid MDMA and hundreds of ecstasy pills, in addition to about $7,000 in cash.

Authorities X-rayed a package that was sent to Pitha’s home and found it had 250 grams of raw ecstasy material. Christopher Hustrulid, Pitha’s boyfriend, was arrested upon signing for the package.

Both Pitha and her boyfriend are being held on $20,000 cash-only bond.

Photo credit: Sott.net.

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