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Rubio: Trump Has ‘Improved Significantly’

As Donald Trump works hard to become more presidential, his former opponent, Marco Rubio, has taken notice.

“[Trump’s] performance has improved significantly,” Rubio said, according to The Palm Beach Post.

“Look, let’s not divide the party,” he told Miami radio host Jimmy Cefalo, according to The Tampa Bay Times.

“I do think it’s valid to argue to delegates: ‘Look, let’s not divide the party. You have someone here who has all these votes, very close to get 1,237, let’s not ignore the will of the people or they’re going to be angry.’ And delegates may decide that on that reason they decide to vote for Donald Trump. But if they don’t, it’s not illegitimate in any way,” Rubio said.

“I’ve always said that I will support the Republican nominee, and that’s especially true now that it’s apparent that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.”

The Hill reports:

Rubio suspended his White House run last month after losing badly to Trump in his home state.

Trump has a big edge in the GOP presidential race, with 996 delegates, according to The Associated Press. Rival Ted Cruz has 565 and John Kasich has 153.

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