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Ron Paul: Cruz ‘Overemphasizes His Religion’

Ron Paul critiqued Ted Cruz’s campaign on Tuesday when he suggested that Cruz was bound to fail because he overemphasized his religion.

“No, no,” the former GOP and Libertarian Party presidential candidate said on “CNN Newsroom”when asked if he would vote for Cruz. “He’s way too authoritarian. I think he’s somebody who overemphasizes his religion.

“We want people to have sound ethical and moral and religious beliefs, but we don’t want them to impose that or think that’s the government’s role,” Paul added. “I see him more as a theocrat. I think theocracy’s very, very dangerous.”

The Hill reports:

Paul also said Cruz too often echoes GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on military force for his liking.

“[Cruz’s] too willing to use bombs, just like Trump,” he said. “Trump’s willing to use nuclear weapons — he wants to build more of them.

“They’re all so militant,” the former Texas representative added. “I think that’s a great danger.”

Paul added he is no more enthusiastic about Trump in a general election match-up with Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“I’ll cast a vote, but not for either one of them,” he said of the front-runners. “I’d probably vote for a libertarian or an independent candidate, somebody who’s trying to point out there’s really no difference between these [political parties].

“I’ve never bought into this idea that the lesser of two evils is a good idea. Whether you have Republicans or Democrats, they’re always controlled by this coalition in the deep state, the powerful special interests.”

Trump leads Cruz by approximately 16 points nationwide, according to the latest RealClearPolitics average of polls.

The billionaire also boasts a roughly 11-point edge over Cruz in Indiana on the day of the critical presidential primary there.

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