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George W. And George H. W. Bush to Skip Convention

Both George W. Bush Sr. and George W. Bush Jr. will skip this year’s Republican Convention.

The Hill reports:

The younger George Bush’s spokesman, Freddy Ford, told The Hill in an email that the most recent Republican president “does not intend to attend” the convention in Cleveland.
Ford also told The Associated Press that Bush does “not plan to participate in or comment on” the presidential race.

George H.W. Bush’s spokesman confirmed that the former president would not be attending either, citing his age.

Neither Bush attended the 2012 Republican convention. Many speculated the younger Bush chose not to appear at that convention to avoid links with nominee Mitt Romney, as Bush’s favorability rating had not yet recovered from his time in office.

But now, Bush is looked upon more fondly by Americans, topping President Obama’s favorability rating in 2015.

The former president returned to the political stage during this presidential cycle in support of his brother, Jeb, and his presidential campaign. He attended fundraisers and spoke at a campaign rally in South Carolina.

Photo credit: The Times.

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