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Sanders Files Suit in Indiana After Polling Delays

Bernie Sanders filed a lawsuit against Indiana on Tuesday after the state’s primary was mired with voting delays.

The Hill reports:

The lawsuit claims the delay might have cost Sanders votes, but a judge denied the request to extend voting hours when the campaign couldn’t produce a voter who was denied the chance to vote.

Jon Little, an attorney for the Sanders campaign, said the number of those impacted was likely small. But, he asked, “How many people’s rights to vote can you violate until it’s a problem? I say that number is one.”
Russell Hollis, deputy director of the Marion County Clerk’s Office, told the Star the poll inspector who held the election materials and key to the voting machines to that polling location was late due to a child care issue.

Sanders won Indiana’s primary Tuesday, garnering 53 percent of the vote and grabbing 44 delegates. The win is unlikely to help him swipe the Democratic nomination from rival Hillary Clinton, who still maintains a large lead in the delegate count.

Clinton has 1,683 pledged delegates to Sanders’s 1,362, according to The Associated Press. When superdelegates are factored in, Clinton’s lead balloons to 2,205 while Sanders has 1,401. Democrats need 2,383 to win the nomination.

Sanders, along with the Democratic National Committee and Clinton, filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona claiming voter suppression in the state’s primary in March.

Voters reportedly experienced long waits to vote in Maricopa County’s 60 polling stations, though a judge threw out that challenge last week, saying the situation resembled a “glitch” but doesn’t “rise to the level of fraud.”

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