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Trump Repeats Call for Sanders to Run as Independent

Donald Trump called on Bernie Sanders on Thursday to continue his campaign as an independent.

The Hill reports:

Trump sent a tweet last week with nearly identical phrasing. Sanders’s wife, Jane Sanders, quickly dismissed the suggestion, insisting her husband, a democratic socialist who calls himself an independent in the Senate, didn’t intend to play “spoiler.”

Trump is rehashing the call amid rumblings among Republicans that a third-party candidate should emerge on the right as an alternative to the real estate mogul in the fall.

Sen. Ben Sasse (Neb.) and some other Republicans have expressed support for an alternative candidate, though no likely figures have emerged.

Some elected GOP officials have resigned themselves to Trump as the nominee, and others have been left in a bind over what candidate they’ll support in November.

Meanwhile, Sanders insisted this week he’ll stay in the Democratic race “until the last vote is counted” despite rival Hillary Clinton being overwhelming likely to clinch the nomination.

Photo credit: Indy Politics.

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