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Aide: Trump Won’t Allow ‘Hypocrisy’ on the ‘Women’s Issue’

According to Donald Trump’s convention manager, Paul Manafort, Trump will not let Hillary Clinton pull the woman card on him.

“Donald Trump has made it very clear,” Manafort said on “Fox News Sunday.” “He’s not going to allow hypocrisy on the women’s issue. He’s not going to let Hillary make the case that he’s against women and she’s this defender of women’s rights.”

The Hill reports:

Manafort touted Trump’s hiring of women for leadership positions in his business empire.
“He is not anti-women. He’s very pro-women … pro-women more so than her because he’s pro-women with actions, not words,” Manafort said.

“And so for her to go after him on being anti-women — he’s going to go back and talk about some of the things that she did that are less consistent as far as being pro-women,” he said.

He also defended Trump’s response to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who last week slammed Trump, saying she would “fight my heart out” to stop his “toxic stew of hatred and insecurity” from getting to the White House.

Manafort called Warren’s statements “out of bounds” and said “that’s her problem” if she can’t face criticism.

“He’s taking on a fight with two politicians who are using political terms and being hypocrites about it,” Manafort said.

“He’s not going to allow Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren to hide behind their sex to make cases that are hypocritical.”

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