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Cruz Allies Gearing up for Convention Fight over Party Platform

Ted Cruz may have suspended his campaign, but his allies are still committed to fighting Donald Trump in any way possible.

The Hill reports:

Ken Cuccinelli, who had been in charge of winning delegates for Cruz before he dropped out of the White House race, sent an email to delegates allies inviting them to a Monday evening conference call to discuss the strategy, according to The New York Times.

“It is imperative that we fill the Rules and Platform Committees with strong conservative voices like yours,” he wrote in the email obtained by the Times.
The drafting of the platform is typically a thorny process, creating intraparty fights every four years over what the official positions of the Republican Party should be.

Trump has broken from Republican orthodoxy on several issues during his presidential campaign. He’s already called for softening the abortion language in the party platform, which could set up a fight.

Cuccinelli told The Hill on Friday that the Cruz campaign’s “extraordinary head start getting really rock-ribbed, conservative delegates” will help “preserve and protect a conservative platform.”

“We still want Cruz delegates to go to the convention, we want conservative delegates to go to the convention in part because of the platform and in part to get grassroots rules that favor the grassroots,” he said.

The email cited by the Times specifically chides changes to convention rules that Mitt Romney’s supporters made in 2012, which raised the threshold a candidate had to hit in order to be placed into nomination. That move kept Ron Paul from siphoning delegates away from Romney on the floor.

The bar is currently set at a majority in eight states, a threshold that only Trump and Cruz hit. If that rule remains the same, or if that bar is lowered, Cruz could presumably be placed into nomination and win votes on the convention floor, which could shatter any image of party unity.

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