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Survey: Troops Prefer Trump to Clinton

According to a new survey released on Monday by the Military Times, soldiers favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton by a ratio of 2-to-1.

The Hill reports:

While unscientific, the results indicate strong support for presumptive Republican presidential nominee, who has come under fire from retired military leaders and prominent members of the foreign policy community for a lack of foreign policy experience and controversial proposals allowing the torture of terrorism suspects.

In the survey of 951 active-duty troops, reservists and National Guardsmen, 54 percent said they would vote for Trump in a match-up against Clinton, the Democratic front-runner. Twenty-five percent said they would vote for Clinton.

And 21 percent said they would not vote at all in that scenario.
Clinton’s rival, Bernie Sanders, fares somewhat better against Trump. In that match-up, 51 percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump, 38 percent said Sanders and 11 percent said they would not vote all.

Comments attached to the survey showed displeasure for the entire field, and several of the people polled said they planned to vote for a third-party candidate, according to Military Times.

“They all suck,” one respondent wrote.

About half of the respondents identified as Republican, and 18 percent said they were Democrats.

Clinton received 72 percent support from those who identified as Democrats, and Trump got 82 percent from those identifying as Republicans.

Independents favored Trump, with 40 percent of their support compared with 32 percent for Clinton.

Clinton got more support from female troops, though, at 51 percent to Trump’s 24 percent. But male troops favored Trump over Clinton, 57 percent backing him compared with 22 percent for Clinton.

Both officers and enlisted personnel backed Trump, too. For officers, 46 percent said they’d vote for Trump and 32 percent for Clinton. Enlisted personnel showed stronger support for Trump, with 58 percent saying they’d vote for him and 21 percent for Clinton.

The survey was conducted May 3–6 via email among Military Times subscribers.

Photo credit: Democracy Now.

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