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Exit Polls: Nearly Half of W.Va. Sanders Backers Would Vote Trump

Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in West Virginia’s primary on Tuesday, but nearly¬†half of Sander’s supporters say they would vote for Donald Trump if Sanders loses.

A different ABC poll reported nearly the same results, with 30 percent of voters saying they would vote for Trump.

The Hill reports:

According to exit polls reported by ABC News, about one-third of Democratic primary voters would choose Trump in a general election match-up between him and Clinton. In that survey, 44 percent would choose Clinton, and 21 percent would choose neither candidate.

According to ABC News, about 80 percent of West Virginia Republican voters say they’re excited or optimistic about what Trump would do if he were elected president, and 9 in 10 think Trump is likely to beat Clinton in a general election.

In a match-up between Trump and Clinton, about 90 percent of Republican primary voters in West Virginia say they would vote for Trump.

Photo credit: Jacobin Mag.

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