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Trump: Clinton Losing to ‘Crazy Bernie’

Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Hillary Clinton was getting beaten by “Crazy Bernie” Sanders.

The Hill reports:

Trump reiterated the “Crazy Bernie” moniker during an interview Wednesday morning on “Fox and Friends,” going after the self-described democratic socialist, whose criticism of Clinton’s “bad judgment” Trump has coopted.

“I call him ‘Crazy Bernie’ because he’s not very good,” Trump said. “Who’s going to run against a socialist and lose?”

Sanders picked up a win in the West Virginia primary Tuesday over Clinton. The victory does little to close the delegate gap, however, but delays Clinton’s attempt to lock up the Democratic nomination.

“Everything really about Hillary is rigged. She looks like she’ll be able to run,” Trump said, referring to the federal probe into her email arrangement that appears to be coming to a close.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr.

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