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Gingrich Open to Running as Trump’s VP

Newt Gingrich suggested on Thursday that he would be open to running with Donald Trump as his running mate.

“I endorse Donald Trump. I’m going to work very hard for the nominee,” Gingrich said in an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity.

The Hill reports:

The Georgia Republican has defended Trump throughout the campaign, though he had never officially endorsed him. On Wednesday night, he pointed to close relationships with some of the presidential candidates who have dropped out.

“John Kasich is a great personal friend of mine and Ted Cruz ran a great campaign,” he said.

Gingrich also told Hannity that he is willing to consider a spot on Trump’s ticket as his running mate.

“I would certainly talk about it,” he said. “I wouldn’t turn it down automatically.”

Trump has said that he has a list of as many as seven people that he’s considering for his vice presidential pick.

“I’m not the only person around,” the former Speaker said, adding that he is “in the ‘not no’ column.”

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