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Teary-Eyed Cruz: This Movement Doesn’t Go Away in One Election

Ted Cruz may have suspended his campaign, but he promised on Sunday that his movement wouldn’t go away.

The Hill reports:

A teary-eyed Ted Cruz is hinting that he’s leaving the door open for another White House bid in a newly released video titled “No regrets.”

The 5-minute video opens with a campaign staffer asking if the Cruz camp made it “through this without regrets.”

“This is nearly a regret-free campaign,” he says. “Ted Cruz didn’t lose. Our campaign for president lost.”

Cruz, with tear-filled eyes, says what the campaign accomplished “is frankly insane” because “nobody thought we had a prayer.”

“We sparked a fire and started a movement. That’s powerful and doesn’t go away with one election,” he adds.

The video ends with, “To be continued.”

Photo credit: Raw Story.

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