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Sanders Superdelegate Flips to Clinton

A superdelegate from the Virgin Islands has left Bernie Sanders to join Hillary Clinton.

The Hill reports:

Emmett Hansen II, the Democratic National Committee superdelegate for the Virgin Islands, originally backed the Vermont senator but decided to switch after learning more about Clinton’s plans for the U.S. territories, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday.

“There are no more windmills to joust against and no more mountains to climb,” Hansen said. “It comes down to one thing: what’s best for the Virgin Islands, to be fully incorporated into the United States.”
Sanders hadn’t given concrete positions regarding U.S. territories, Hansen said, adding that he’d been in talks with the campaign to try to get answers.

“I know a million different ways not to answer a question,” he said.

But Hansen saw Clinton’s plans for the U.S. territories, which included giving the territories the right to vote in presidential elections and providing them with the same healthcare benefits as are given to people in the 50 states.

The U.S. Virgin Islands have 12 delegates, seven of which will be pledged to the candidate who wins the island’s caucuses in June.

Sanders had been looking to flip the support of some superdelegates where he had won large victories in state contests to cut into Clinton’s large lead in the delegate count. She has the support of 524 superdelegates, while Sanders is backed by just 40, according to The Associated Press.

Hansen is the first superdelegate to publicly switch his support from Sanders to Clinton, according to Bloomberg.

Photo credit: Marc Nozell/Flickr.

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