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Reid: Nevada Convention Was ‘Fair’ to Sanders

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said on Friday that the recent Nevada Democratic convention was fair to Bernie Sanders.

“I can’t speak for the DNC — I can speak for Nevada. We went out of our way to be fair to Bernie, even though the caucuses were won by Clinton in February,” Reid told MSNBC’s “AM Joy” in an interview aired Saturday.

“I made sure that the convention was not favoring Hillary Clinton. … Even though she won the state in February, I wanted to make sure that no one could criticize what went on there.”

The Hill reports:

Sanders and his supporters blasted the Democratic Party last week for what they say was a tipping of the scales in Clinton’s favor at the convention.

Pushed by party leaders to condemn the outbursts and threats from his supporters at Saturday’s convention, Sanders instead issued a statement accusing the Nevada Democratic Party of using its power to prevent a “fair and transparent process from taking place.”

“If the Democratic Party is to be successful in November, it is imperative that all state parties treat our campaign supporters with fairness and the respect that they have earned,” the Vermont senator added.

Sanders rejected claims that his campaign promoted violence, calling the accusations “nonsense.”

The state party’s chairwoman Roberta Lange reported receiving death threats from Sanders supporters. The Las Vegas hotel that hosted the convention was forced to shut it down when security could no longer handle the crowds.

Reid, however, said he does not worry the Nevada convention is a foreshadowing of what will come at the national convention in July.

“Maybe I’m being too optimistic, and I tend not to be that way, but I really feel everything is going to be okay,” he said, adding that he hopes Sanders’d campaign advisers “give him the right advice.”

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