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Washington State GOP Convention Supports Cruz

Ted Cruz is still a popular man, at least in the eyes of the Washington GOP.

The Hill reports:

The convention awarded 40 of the state’s 41 elected delegate slots for the Republican National Convention to Cruz, who dropped his presidential bid after losing the Indiana primary to Trump, The Seattle Times reported.

But the move is unlikely to change the delegate math in the Republican race. The delegates elected over the weekend are bound to vote according to the statewide results in the May 24 primary.

The state convention drew 1,600 state delegates for the process of electing 41 delegates to the national convention.

Even Trump’s state campaign chairman, state Sen. Don Benton (R), was not able to get a national delegate slot.

“The majority are taking a wait-and-see attitude” on Trump, said Saul Gamoran, Cruz’s state campaign chairman.

Many Republicans at the convention said they could not vote for Trump, while others declined to say whether they’d support him.

A former state GOP chairman, Chris Vance, who is also a candidate for U.S. Senate, said Thursday he doesn’t plan to support the party’s presumptive nominee.

“Do you think I enjoy this? Not supporting the nominee? It’s unpleasant,” Vance said.

Photo credit: Raw Story.

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