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Sanders: Democratic Convention Could Be ‘Messy’

Bernie Sanders suggested on Monday that the Democratic convention will probably be messy.

“I think if they make the right choice and open the doors to working-class people and young people and create the kind of dynamism that the Democratic party needs, it’s going to be messy,” Sanders told the AP. “Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle but that is where the Democratic party should go.”

The Hill reports:

When pressed about a possible “messy” convention in Philadelphia, Sanders pushed back: “So what! Democracy is messy. Everyday, my life is messy. But if you want everything to be quiet and orderly and allow, you know, just things to proceed without vigorous debate, that is not what democracy is about.”

The interview comes as tensions within the party escalated at the recent Nevada Democratic convention. Sanders’s supporters were largely blamed for the convention chaos where Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) was booed and the chairwoman of the Nevada state party received death threats and obscene voicemail messages.

But the party gave Sanders a key concession Monday: He was able to name picks for one-third of the spots on the committee responsible for drafting the party’s platform.

Top Sanders supporters Cornell West and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) will be among those on the Democratic Party’s important Platform Drafting Committee. The roster of the drafting committee, released by the Democratic National Committee on Monday, reflects the party’s agreement that Sanders would have five supporters on the committee, compared to six for Clinton.

“There are two sides to every issue and I’m sure that Secretary Clinton will have very vigorous proponents of her point of view as we will have,” Sanders said in the Monday interview about the platform drafting.

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  • AfterMe_TheDeluge

    Dear Senator Sanders. You lost. Losers do NOT get to dictate terms to the winners. That’s not the way this game is played. You know that. You have been in this game for many, many years and have accomplished almost nothing. You have no dog in this fight.
    If the convention gets “messy”, it will be YOUR fault and no one else’s. And if you think for one single moment that opening the doors to “working-class people and young people” will somehow give you an advantage that they haven’t given you so far, you are sadly mistaken. Working class people and young people have voted for Hillary, NOT you.
    Get a clue. And step down as gracefully as you can or what remains of your legacy will disappear because of your prima donna behavior.