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Trump: I’ll Take ‘Close to 40 Percent’ of Sanders Fans

Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he would easily convert “close to 40 percent” of Bernie Sander’s supporters.

“I’m hearing we’re going to get close to 40 percent of his supporters,” he told listeners during a campaign rally in Albuquerque, N.M., Tuesday night.

“We’re going to get them because he’s not going to win. The system is rigged against Bernie so he can’t win. A lot of Bernie Sanders people have said they’re voting for Trump. We’re going to get tremendous numbers from Bernie Sanders.”

The Hill reports:

Trump said he admires Sanders, despite his seemingly impossible battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“I have to give him credit,” he said. “‘Crazy Bernie’ is out there trying and he’s trying hard. Hillary cannot even put Bernie away.

“’Crooked Hillary’ can’t even put him away,” Trump added of the Democratic presidential front-runner. “It’s a mess and it’s going to get worse and worse.

“Bernie Sanders said that Hillary Clinton is not qualified. He basically said it’s because she has bad judgement. She really does have bad judgement.”

Trump added that Sanders lacked the victories he had earned fighting against establishment politicians in their respective parties.

“When you win by landslides, every single state, no matter how they do it, you win,” he said of the GOP’s presidential primary rules. “It’s like a boxer — you knock them out.

“We’re all in a rigged system, folks,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee added. “I’m going to break up the rigged system.

“The system is against me, and you know what? It always has been. I love it. There’s nothing better than beating the system.”

Trump became the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee earlier this month, outlasting 16 other contenders for that honor.

Clinton, meanwhile, leads Sanders in the Democratic nominating contest nationwide, boasting 1,768 delegates to his 1,497. At least 2,382 delegates are necessary for avoiding a contested convention in July.

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