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‘Get off the Stage,’ Crowd Yells After Grad Speaker Uses Spanish, Mentions Trump

An audience at a graduation ceremony for California State University booed a graduate off the stage after she gave part of her speech in Spanish and mentioned Donald Trump.

“It’s really sad,” Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas told The Washington Post about speaking to the College of Communications. “And it’s a testament to what has happened in our country. Our country is really divided.”

The Hill reports:

According to Denise De La Cruz, a graduating senior, the speech “was well-received until it became a little too Latino-centric for some and blatantly anti-Trump.”

Cruz said some audience members started shouting “What about us?” when Salinas began speaking in Spanish.

When Salinas offered advice about rebutting political figures such as Trump, the crowd yelled, “Get off the stage!” and “Trash!,” according to De La Cruz.

“What I have seen on Twitter is really going out of control,” Salinas said Tuesday. “A lot of insults. That really does come from the presidential race. When you have people insulting you and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, you have to wonder. … It’s really sad that people can turn such a special moment into a racial war.”

Photo credit: Latino USA.

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