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Sanders Aide Questions Boxer’s Story About Fearing for Her Safety

Bernie Sander’s campaign manager Jeff Weaver slammed Sen. Barbara Boxer’s for what he called a fake story about her fearing for her safety at a recent Democratic convention in Nevada.

“I think if you watched the online video, it seems incongruous that somebody was in fear for their life while they were contemptuously blowing kisses at their opponents,” Weaver said.

The Hill reports:

Boxer, who spoke at the convention in support of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, said after the convention, “I did fear for my safety” at the event.

“There was no way to control what was happening,” she said. “I’ve never really had anything like this happen before.”

Sanders has faced heat for not emphatically criticizing his supporters after videos of the contentious convention scene emerged.

Weaver balked at the idea that the Vermont senator wanted to see the chaos spill into the party’s national convention in July.

“We do not want to see what happened in Nevada happen in Philadelphia,” he replied.

“For instance, I don’t want to see Sen. Barbara Boxer walking off the stage claiming she’s in fear of her life while she’s contemptuously blowing kisses at the Sanders supporters as she walks out.”

Despite trailing Clinton by a large amount of delegates, Sanders has insisted he will keep fighting up until the Democratic National Convention this summer.

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