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Sanders Wins over W.Va. Superdelegate

Bernie Sanders managed to win over a superdelegate from West Virginia after he handily won the state by a respectable margin.

The Hill reports:

“The people voted here and I felt like the people needed to vote first,” Elaine Harris, a Democratic National Committeewoman told Politico Thursday.

Sanders beat front-runner Hillary Clinton in the state 51 percent to 36 percent, winning 18 of the 29 delegates up for grabs.

Despite the backing of Harris, who is Sanders’s 43rd superdelegate, the Vermont senator still faces narrowing odds of winning the nomination. He currently trails Clinton in pledged delegates 1,497 to 1,769. When superdelegates are factored in, Clinton leads 2,309 to 1,539.

Photo credit: Marc Nozell/Flickr.

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