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Trump: My GOP Will Be a ‘Worker’s Party’

Donald Trump said on Thursday that he plans to transform the Republican Party into a worker’s party under his leadership.

“Five, 10 years from now — different party,” Trump said during an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek published Thursday.

“You’re going to have a worker’s party. A party of people that haven’t had a real wage increase in 18 years, that are angry.”

The Hill reports:

Trump said he thinks cutting Social Security is a “big mistake” for the party.
“And I know it’s a big part of the budget. Cutting it the wrong way is a big mistake, and even cutting it [at all],” he said.

Trump also explained he does spend a lot of time in “deep analysis” of his views.

“My views are what everybody else’s views are,” he said.

“When I give speeches, sometimes I’ll sign autographs and I’ll get to talk to people and learn a lot about the party,” Trump continued.

Trump said he’s learned that voters are unhappy with the Republican leadership.

He also admitted that he didn’t know much about immigration reform before his campaign launch.

“When I made my [announcement] speech at Trump Tower, the June 16 speech,” he said, “I didn’t know about the Gang of Eight. … I just knew instinctively that our borders are a mess.”

The presumptive GOP nominee also offered praise for Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus, although he has clashed with the RNC in the past.

“I call Reince ‘Mr. Switzerland,’ ” he said during the interview. “He’s doing a great job as peacemaker.”

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