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Aide: Trump ‘Not Afraid’ to Debate Sanders

One of Donald Trump’s top aides, Paul Manafort, said on Sunday that Trump is not afraid to debate Bernie Sanders.

“He’s not afraid to face off with Bernie Sanders,” Manafort said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“He’s the Republican nominee now. The question should be why is [Democratic presidential front-runner] Hillary Clinton afraid to debate Bernie Sanders.”

The Hill reports:

Manafort said Clinton is the one running against Sanders in the Democratic primary.

“The point that Mr. Trump was trying to make was the Democratic system is rigged; it’s been rigged from the beginning for Hillary Clinton,” he said.

Sanders has been winning primaries and losing delegates, he continued.

“Now you’ve got California, the state where Clinton thought she was going to win. The race has gotten very close. Bernie Sanders wants to debate Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders should have that chance,” Manafort said.

“Mr. Trump was saying debates are important. He would have debated Bernie Sanders if Bernie Sanders were the nominee, but Hillary Clinton should be debating him today.”

Trump had originally said he wanted to debate Sanders, but then said it would be “inappropriate” to debate the Vermont senator. Trump called Sanders a “second-place finisher.”

Manafort said his candidate would debate the Democratic nominee.

Photo credit: Fox News / Screenshot.

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