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Sanders Supporters up in Arms over Puerto Rico Polling Locations

Bernie Sander’s supporters in Puerto Rico are angry over the lack of polling stations that will be made to voters in the state’s upcoming primary.

The Hill reports:

A “Sanders for President” reddit page also called the reduction “about as bad as Arizona.” Dozens of Sanders supporters voiced their displeasure on the page over the cuts.

The commonwealth initially had 1,510 polling locations. But on Friday, it announced instead that there would be 455 for the June 5 primary.

Roberto Prats, president of the Democratic Party on the island, said the 455 locations are four times more than the number of polling locations open in the Republican primary in March, according to Elnuevodia.com.

In the Republican primary in March, the commonwealth operated on just 110 polling locations, compared to about 1,500 in 2012, according to Bloomberg News.

Photo credit: Marc Nozell/Flickr.

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