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Trump Postpones Release of Veterans Funding Details

Early on his campaign, Donald Trump bragged about how much he loved and helped veterans, but now, he has delayed releasing details about his veteran funding programs.

The Hill reports:

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee claims he raised about $6 million for veterans when he declined to participate in a Fox News debate in January, but critics have scrutinized the fundraising totals.

After being hounded by reporters for more specifics, Trump told CNN he would provide details about his fundraising efforts on Memorial Day, but is now delaying the announcement until Tuesday.

“We just raised almost $6 million for the vets because I didn’t do a television show,” Trump said Sunday during the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in Washington, D.C., CNN reported. “All of the groups that have gotten the money will be announced Tuesday.”

Disagreements have risen over the amount of money Trump raised, how much of it came from himself and to which veterans’ groups he is donating the money.

According to various news reports, Trump donated $1 million of his own money to veterans as part of the fundraiser.

Trump is expected Tuesday to reveal the exact amount of money he raised and where it is going.

Photo credit: Raw Story.

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